We are a team of data viz professionals with multidisciplinary & diverse backgrounds in business, applied mathematics, software development, social sciences and design.

Combining our vast experience, we design & develop business intelligence dashboards for Fortune 500 companies.

Our approach is grounded in applying the best data viz practices to our clients' problems, in order to build functional systems that meet their business needs.

Our Process

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Development

Our Values

  • Data Viz Best Practices

  • Creative Challenges

  • Functional Systems

Our Culture

  • Supportive Atmosphere

  • Adaptability

  • Collective Thinking

  • Artistic Approach

Our Team

  • Aliz Gyüre

  • András Szepesi

  • Bea Katona

  • Bianka Csuzdi

  • Boglárka Göttli

  • Béla Petrik

  • Hanna Bekefi

  • Hassaan Ahmed

  • István Korompai

  • Júlia Borsi

  • Katalin Szalay

  • Lili Fókás

  • Márton Balla

  • Tamás Varga

  • Zsófia Nika

  • Árpád Csata